We give the choice

Top Rental is one of the biggest companies on the Polish market renting computer – presentation equipment. Our offer also includes innovative and advanced equipment used for marketing purposes and large IT projects.
The philosophy behind our operation is supporting small and large business projects, regardless of sector and financial capabilities. We created the rental offer in such a way that any of our customers could decide how, when, where and at what price they can use our technologies. We give the choice and complex customer support. We take care of development, monitoring the IT trends market and expectations of modern business.

Our offer includes a few hundred of devices of several biggest IT equipment manufacturers, i.e.: Sun, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, Dell, HP, NEC, Samsung. At the same time, we are a fully independent company, guaranteeing solid advice when choosing the equipment.

Why TopRental?

We are trustworthy, because we are independent. We are not related to any supplier of computer equipment, and the Customers receive only reliable information from us, based exclusively on our experience.

We offer equipment of known and renown manufacturers, i.e.: Sun, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, Dell, HP, NEC, Samsung. We created a team of experts for direct contact with the customers. We guarantee technical support. Regardless of location, activity type, company size – we will gladly meet your expectations.

We chose help during execution of small and large projects, requiring use of modern equipment, as the main goal. We want to help with these endavours, regardless of financial means owned by the Customer, the technology it needs and logistics resources. Thus we enable our Customers to focus on their own actions and activities.

We are an independent company with excellent relations with the biggest IT and AV equipment manufacturers and their distributors. We do not have connections to only one company, and this allows us to offer the best solutions in a particular situations, not ones resulting from contracts and “exclusive” obligations.

We also cooperate with the leader of IT equipment rental market – Xchange Technology GmbH, which provides services for nearly 20000 customers in several countries. We are its exclusive representative on the Polish market. Thanks to this cooperation we are able to execute even the most unusual order. We can do much more and faster than the competition!

The portfolio of solutions, the rental/lease of which we offer to our customers, is formed by devices of only renown IT and AV equipment manufacturers, i.e.: IBM, HP, Apple, Fujitsu, Dell, Sun, Lenovo, Samsung, NEC, Sanyo, LG, Toshiba. Current cooperation with these manufacturers and distributors of the aforementioned brands grants us permanent access to the newest technologies and also opens the opportunity of optimisation of investment costs in regards to the required equipment, which enables us to offer the customers very competitive rental conditions.