We also offer – in addition to the entire scope of equipment and services – interactive services, which raise all events, mass events or promotions to an unprecedented level. We offer i.e. interactive floors, walls and front windows, tables and multi-touch displays as well as original solutions employing tablets. All of our interactive products are simple to install, do not require particular arrangement or invasion in the existing constructions and the effects they bring outclass classical forms of presentations. More information about our interactive solutions may be found here: interactive solutions.

We offer access to such huge amounts of equipment as the only company in Poland – the best proof of this fact can be found in references and projects we participated in, e.g. European Football Championship 2012Economic Forum in Krynica, film festival New Horizons and many other. But the access to the wides pool of equipment is not our only advantage. We have the knowledge and experience we gladly share – we provide advice on HOW to organise a particular event in the best way regarding equipment use, its configuration and problem-free functioning. We not only advice, we can also DO it (installation/removal, on-site operation, etc.).

Optimise the investments in computer equipment in the company. We offer a package of flexible and cheap solutions of funding IT equipment purchases.

Rentals and leasing are excellent alternatives to traditional purchases of IT technologies. They allow to lower the threshold of obtaining advanced IT solutions, ensure equal spread of expenses during the period of equipment use, offer the possibility of using funds for other investment purposes.

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