Optimise the investments in computer equipment in the company. We offer a package of flexible and cheap solutions of funding IT equipment purchases.

Rentals and leasing are excellent alternatives to traditional purchases of IT technologies. They allow to lower the threshold of obtaining advanced IT solutions, ensure equal spread of expenses during the period of equipment use, offer the possibility of using funds for other investment purposes.

Long-term rentals

3 The long-term rentals of IT equipment offered by Top Rental (12-36 months) are an excellent solution for companies who want a cheap and flexible way of funding their computer equipment. It is a response to traditional, but often less favourable forms of obtaining computer equipment: leasing, traditional purchase or a loan. This is a cure for financial crisis limiting the investments. It allows to manage the number and configuration of rented equipment throughout the entire period of the contract in a flexible way. The most important advantages:

  • small or no initial fees
  • has the advantages of traditional equipment funding forms
  • rental periods of 12 to 36 months
  • option of equipment purchase during or at the end of the rental period
  • option of modifying the contract during its effective period to meet current needs of the customer
  • option of equipment expansion at any time
  • option of return of part of the rented equipment without additional financial expenses
  • quick replacement of faulty equipment
  • technical support

Operational leasing

13This is the most common – in addition to a purchase – form of funding investments into computer equipment. Our offer in this field is based on cooperation with the leading financial institutions in Poland. Thanks to our experience and wide knowledge of leasing products available on Polish market, we are able to select the optimum solution for any customer. Quickly, professionally and without unnecessary formalities. The most important advantages:

  • minimising the initial expenses on IT equipment
  • flexible leasing periods – from 24 to 48 months
  • many forms of leasing contract termination (buyout, return, continuation under new conditions)
  • low total costs of equipment ownership (TCO)
  • professional advice of Top Rental in selection of the best solution
  • support of Top Rental in technical and formal matters

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