One wall and many possibilities!

The wall of LCD screens is nothing new, but the solution provided by Samsung, using seamless displays with DID matrix are a real revolution. Thanks to this technology, one can create a display of almost any size and shape – up to 250 elements can be used!!!

Modular construction of the wall makes it an ideal solution for small, medium, big and even huge events and happenings. Displays used to create the wall are connected in a very simple way and up to even 250 elements can be used simultaneously. It is also important that aside from supplied feet, no other frames or fixing elements are required. This is a unique solution on the market.

The incredible effect of the displayed picture is achieved also thanks to seamless displays. The LCD displays used have ultra thin frames, with only 4 milimetres of thickness, causing the viewer not to see connections between the displays and making an impression of looking at one, enormous screen. Picture quality is ensured thanks to modern DID matrices and the DNIe system. Each display displays pictures in outstanding quality! Real 4500:1 contrast and 450 cd/m^(2) luminosity provide excellent view even in very bright environments.

And this is not all! Samsung also took care of picture management technology. One large display made of Samsung UT displays can be divided into smaller displays with virtually just a single mouse click. The displayed broadcast can be divided and combined, if necessary. This provides people responsible for presentations and emission with a very wide scope of possiblities, all at their disposal to enchant the viewers.

Possible applications of LCD display walls: fairs, concerts, conferences, promotion stands, mass events, road shows and many, many more.

1 day 2 days 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month
LCD wall 2×2
(screen size: 202 x 114 cm)
1600 zł 2400 zł 3200 zł 4600 zł tel. tel.
LCD wall 3×3
(screen size: 303 x 171 cm)
3600 zł 5400 zł 7200 zł 9800 zł tel. tel.
LCD wall 4×4
(screen size: 404 x 228 cm)
6400 zł 9600 zł 12800 zł 17200 zł tel. tel.