Over 200 TV sets for UEFA

We have rented 220 TV sets by Sharp to the International Broadcasting Center, for the needs of Euro 2012. UEFA is the ordering party, and our contribution, in addition to equipment rental, includes logistics, TV sets installation and setup.

UEFA ordered 220 TV sets by Sharp in sizes from 26 to 46″ with racks and fixtures. The TV sets will be used during Euro 2012 championships in the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) located within the fair site of EXPO XXI in Warsaw. These TV sets will be used as viewing monitors by the technicans and sound and vision directors as well as an information medium for people working in the Centre during Euro 2012.

Devices located in the Centre shall receive television signal via optic fibres, from all stadiums in Poland and Ukraine, which will then be transmitted to media partners, and these will transmit it to millions of fans all around the world. MCN operates 24/7, it takes 14 thousand square meters and hosts i.e. television studios, editing rooms and shops, restaurants and additional services.

This is one of our bigger rental projects and one of the most prestigious because of importance of the event.

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